Monday, May 19, 2014

Dawn and Dusk nearing their ends

My trudge through the endgame of Pandora's Tower is one step closer to being finished. Both the Dawn and Dusk Towers now have but one chain anchor left to break in them.

Yet I can't help but wonder if I really only need to break one more anchor in either of them to get into the Masters' room.

I mean, that is where the two towers connect, and it wouldn't make much sense if you had to unlock both doors just to get in through one of them. But we'll see.

The trick now, though, is climbing up to the fifth floor in the Dawn Tower and then descending in the Dusk. Why? Because the last chain anchor in the Dusk Tower is somewhere between the fifth and third floors. Alternatively, I could just try to figure out the portal puzzle that stands between me and the last chain in the Dawn Tower.

This final dungeon  there's just no end to its generosity.

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