Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The trouble with invisible portals

Maybe I've been working at this, Pandora's Tower's final major dungeon, for too long, or playing with the lights off increased my focus on the screen, but tonight's session was really immersive. Powering down my Wii and switching to my netbook to write this post made me feel as if I were coming back from some place far away.

But while in that place I broke the last of the Dawn and Dusk Towers' chains.

In the end, I did have to use a guide, but it was worth it. Since the game had resorted to invisible portals near the Towers' end I would've taken even longer to finish them without any sort of assistance. But that's not what bothers me. Pandora's Tower involves a great deal of lore that's learned through the various books that you find and texts that Elena translates.

However, in the single book about the Dawn and Dusk Towers and their portals that I've come across there's no mention of or hint towards any sort of invisible portals.

There are very subtle clues about such portals near the top of each of the Towers, sure. But to me these clues come across more as puzzles than clues And the sort of puzzles you try to solve, fail to solve, walk away from frustrated, and then return to and almost immediately realize the answer to rather than a more direct hint. An additional clue about the existence of these invisible portals in one of the game's many books would have been much appreciated.

I suppose that every adventure game's last proper dungeon does need to have some ultimate challenge, though. Hopefully those invisible portals (and not the Towers' twin Masters) are just that.

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