Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding the connection between Dawn and Dusk

The final two towers of the thirteen in Pandora's Tower are made available as a pair for a reason. As one represents light and the other darkness, one dawn and one dusk, one male and one female, the two towers are connected.

Yes. Connected. But not through those mysterious locked doors that I keep coming across.

Instead of standard issue doors, the towers of dawn and dusk are connected by vortexes. Holes in the floor surrounded by an aura the colour of the Tower that you're teleporting into (purple for dusk, yellow for dawn). These connections are essential since the two towers share a design but have fallen apart in different ways. It's a neat mechanic for a pair of dungeons to use.

And it makes me feel quite uneasy.

Since you can close and open portals with stones that you find in these two towers, I'm dreading an intricate teleportation puzzle.

Something complex would be out of step with the rest of the game's focus on combat, though. But combat is kind of scant in the Dawn Tower. There are some servant beasts wandering around all kitted out, but they're no major threat any more. Even taking on two such beasts at once doesn't present much danger.

So far one chain in the Dawn Tower is broken, leaving three to find. As much potential as warping between the Dawn and Dusk towers has for making progressing complicated I'm hopeful that I'll be facing the Master just a couple of play sessions from now.

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