Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Combat-focused and flesh-crazed

Well, the Blazing Citadel certainly appears to be much more combat-focused than Torrent Peak. Though, there aren't many encounters with cursed servant beasts.

Instead there are plenty of flying enemies. No doubt, the game's designers figured that players would be pretty adept at fighting fellow bipeds by this point in the game. Better to mix things up with flocks of flying enemies.

Also driving me to consider this tower more combat-focused is the placement of the three chains.

One is accessible from the corner of a large dark room early on.

The other two, at least from what I've seen, are behind doors that share a room. Mind, those doors are behind walls of fire that seem to be controlled by one central timed switch. So there are some puzzle elements at play.

Outside of the towers, I've confirmed that Elena is starting to truly enjoy the flesh. Aeron even had a dream in which she snatches a hunk away from him, eats it in just a few mouthfuls and then licks her fingers clean. After all of that she turns to Aeron and apologizes as the camera focuses on her arm, down which blood runs.

The game's equip capacity mechanic is also becoming more intense. Since I'm nearly through the game, I can craft some powerful accessories. Getting them all to fit simultaneously isn't possible just yet, though. Yet.

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