Sunday, March 30, 2014

Testing Truegold Tower

In a place called "Truegold" I was expecting more fire. I had figured that this would be a tower were gold was smelted, tested, and then shipped out to be used in Aios' armaments. Instead, it's another weapon manufacturing-type tower, where there are a ton of giant hammerheads slamming into the walls.

Giant hammerheads that you can jump onto and use to get to different areas. That is, from which you can, as they say, "platform." To use the non-performative form of "platformer," of course.

But being true to its nigh-on last dungeon status, Truegold Tower doesn't just offer up four-chains' worth of platforming. The place is also teeming with servant beasts that come equipped with swords that are a cross between great swords and Cloud's Buster Sword. These gents seem to attack in pairs, as well.

This combination of platforming and combat makes this is a very fitting "final" dungeon (quotation marks included, since there are still those locked doors in every tower).

In any case, one chain of this tower's four has been taken out already, but judging from what I've seen it looks like this tower might take a while to clear.

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