Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two chains broken, one chain lost

At last, the second chain in Torrent Peak is broken. Just one more of them and then I never have to return to this dungeon again (except maybe to get through the mysterious door that needs a key).

Trouble is, I'm not exactly sure where that last chain is anchored. The first two were obvious. You can see them with ease on the second and third floor of the room with the water wheel. But the third chain is nowhere to be seen. And unless I'm misreading the map, there's nowhere left to go in the tower - except through that locked door.

But that can't be it because I haven't come across a key yet.

Yet, on close inspection of the map, there is a red mark indicating a door that I haven't passed through before. But that mark is layered underneath the marker for a chest I've already opened. It could be that there's a door somewhere around there (maybe just below it) but getting to it could be tricky.

Well, whatever I have to do, I've turned the whole too-many-monsters-in-the-main-room thing mentioned in past entries on its ear.

To keep from drawing more than one to me I've taken to using the chain to slam them into walls. They take a few more hits with this method than when they're given consecutive tastes of scythe, but seeing them crash into a wall and still come running back for more is truly satisfying.

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