Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Into the Blazing Citadel

Aside from running into a small game crashing bug, tonight's Pandora's Tower session went smoothly. That is, except for the revelation that the next tower, the Blazing Citadel, is yet another puzzle-filled dungeon.

However, rather than Torrent Peak's concentrated space and minimal number of rooms, the Blazing Citadel is expansive. So much so that in my searching for ways to get to either or both of the first two chains I found my way up to the master's door. The reason that this discovery strikes me as strange is that most of the previous Towers have sort of guided you along from chain to chain. They aren't entirely streamlined, but the Blazing Citadel seems to have more branching paths than most of the other towers.

Also, as Torrent Peak is to Wellspring Steeple, Blazing Citadel feels like an upgrade of the Crimson Keep. Maybe the dungeon designers just got a little lazy, or the sensation of these towers being improvements on their earlier elemental counterparts is intentional. The last tower is the Truegold Tower, after all.

Anyway, what the Blazing Citadel does lack is monsters that provide flesh. In my roving I found a single servant beast and got nothing more than mere "Beast Flesh" from it. So, much to my chagrin, I might have to head back to Torrent Peak to get the primo stuff.

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