Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fygg-uring out Dragon Quest IX's deeper meaning

I'm on the trail of the third fygg in Dragon Quest IX. And, for the third time, someone has eaten the fygg.

Maybe they're being eaten because they're shiny fruit. Who doesn't like shiny things? Who doesn't like fruit? Combine the two into one, and you've a sure recipe for something that whets the appetite on sight.

I think that there could be a deeper meaning here, though.

The fyggs in Dragon Quest IX are divine fruit, edible pieces of holiness. That something so sacred is edible in the first place says something about the divine, but that people are so freely chowing down on said fruit says something about human nature. What I get from this is the idea that our primary means of interacting with things is to consume them in one way or another.

Food gets eaten. Books get read. People get overwhelmed.

And we can become overwhelmed by people. Slightly unsurprisingly, interaction through consumption works both ways when it comes to people. (Take that as you will.)

All of that in mind, were Dragon Quest IX's set in a more modern time, I would not be surprised if it made a major Fantastic Voyage reference and had you shrink down to find a fygg in someone's body. As it is, though, I expect it'll just keep up the pattern of the fygg being eaten followed by varied consequences.

So far each person to munch on a fygg has undergone a transformation of some kind. Maybe that element will bring a mech or a kaiju into the mix nearer the game's end. Though that sort of weird would be just a bit outside the ken of this game's setting.

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