Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Servant beasts stay downstairs

Well, if it wasn't already plain to see, an old coaxial input tube TV just isn't good enough for the Wii. Pandora's Tower works on it - you can see Aeron and Elena and the monsters - but without the sharpness of even a VGA-input tube TV, the graphics are just too muddy.

Nonetheless, waiting for me back in this game was a strange situation. It's probably something you could attribute to the apparently random nature of enemy layouts in the game's dungeons. Certain rooms are bound to have enemies, but just which ones are in there varies.

Anyway, the situation.

I was part way through Ironclad Turret when I last left off. I climbed higher into it during this session, and found Elena's curse defense gauge quickly draining. But not a single servant beast was anywhere to be found.

There were nothing but these two-legged mound beasts and these lizards that stick to walls and fire energy projectiles at you. Both of which give either items or cash. But not an ounce of beast flesh. This went on for a good twenty minutes of tower exploration.

Eventually, by the time the gauge was down to a quarter, I happened to activate an elevator from the third floor to the first and went down. What should be waiting for me at the bottom but two armoured servant beasts, each with a weight on a chain for a hand.

Needless to say, by the time I managed to off them both within the foyer-sized room into which I was dropped, the curse gauge was nearly empty. It was, in fact, to the point where Elena had slithered down to the Observatory's basement.

Now, maybe it's just part of her animation when she reaches this point of her transformation, but she licked her lips after the first bite of flesh this time. She licked her lips.

Whether this change in her attitude towards these chunks of raw flesh I keep bringing is because of how far the curse had gotten or because I broke a chain and inched forward in the game is hard to tell.

Whatever the case, my point is this. Why were those servant beasts so hard to find? I was exploring during what looked like an in-game afternoon. So were they away at tea, or what?

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