Thursday, February 6, 2014

Arcadian Tower nearly climbed

Maybe it's because the strange witch-like Mavda is the only game in town, but making and forging things in Pandora's Tower is mesmerizing. It seems like the alchemy system is extensive, and that the weapon upgrades are always achievable somehow or other.

But the game's not called "Mavda's Shop."

So about those towers.

It looks like these next five might have a different bunch of servant beasts. Rather than the usual humanoid monsters decked out in armour of one kind or another, they could be themed from here on out.

In the Arcadian Tower, for example, the monsters that leave you flesh are what look like living tree stumps that spout poison in their wake. It's the last on the list, but I can't even imagine what the servant beasts in the Truegold Tower will look like. Unless, of course, they're somehow glam rock inspired.

I will say this about the Arcadian Tower, and in all seriousness: It's downright easy. The aforementioned monsters can put up a bit of a fight, and being swarmed by cursed little grey bipeds (this game's basic enemy) nearly killed me. But the puzzles are straightforward, and there's no way to miss breaking any of the anchors of the tower's three chains.

Based on one of the texts that I found lying about, this one's master should be fought at night. It draws power from light and can use it to heal, according to the book. So it looks like there'll be a night fight in my next play session.

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