Monday, February 24, 2014

Boss anticipation

So after Dragon Quest IX's hip hop priest (the cleric in Batsureg (a.k.a. Yurts-ville)) comes grinding.

On my way to meet up with the son of the town's chief, I got into a few battles and noticed something amiss. I couldn't follow my own strength standard of being able to beat a group of three enemies or more in one round (using three physical attacks and one attack-all spell). So the Bad Cave was visited for its metal slimes and everyone managed to gain a level.

One gained level isn't the result of a particularly large amount of grinding, but I'm eager to get moving into the game. There's the promise of the next boss fight being different from the rest, after all. Why?

Because in an effort to boost the chief's son's confidence, you're to give him the final strike.

Now, this could mean nothing more than that the battle is like any other save that when it ends you see the chief-to-be make the kill. Or, it could mean that the son will somehow be integrated into the battle.

I'm not exactly holding my breath in anticipation, but the possibility of a boss battle where stakes and methods are varied is as welcome as the actual appearance of such a battle at this point. Such a thing would make the battles all the more dynamic, and that dynamism has been missing of late in this game.

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