Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rockshard Rampart's complexity

It sounds like the secret to beating the next master is to take out its mobility (if I'm properly reading the text I've found about it).

Although it'll be a battle in the usual small, circular room, I can't help but imagine it as a giant creature - the sort you'd find in Shadow of the Colossus. This is because of all of the hookshot-driven wall climbing in this tower. Its master just seems like it'd be a perfect fit if you needed to climb up it to strike its weak point.

Also prevalent in this tower are monsters that drop pulsating and dripping flesh. Both of these will nearly entirely fill the curse gauge. What this leads me to think is that however straightforward the chains seem, this dungeon's going to take a lot of trips to finish off.

Of course, a greater yield of beast flesh might also just be offered for profit. A single trip's flesh won't yield nearly enough leots (the in-game currency) to buy an ever-useful Tactical Manual (at a hefty 5,000 leots), but the extra cash does make it easier to create items for upgrades.

Not that upgrading the game's weapons is all that necessary at this point.

The local servant beasts, giant, bipedal sloth-like creatures, look like they hit hard, but they practically freeze in place when you've got them wrapped in the chain. They're also far less aggressive than the servant beasts met in earlier towers. If you leave their range of vision after they've attacked, they'll lose interest and lumber off.

All in all, Rockshard Rampart is a maturation in the towers' complexity. Enemies don't lock onto attacking you, the path up the tower has a few branches, and you need to do more to move between floors than simply climb steps.

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