Saturday, February 8, 2014

The dangers of the sea

The world of Dragon Quest IX is now mine. With the ship, I can go anywhere. So long as the monsters along the way, or  wherever I end up don't destroy me.

That's happened surprisingly little. And only in the sense that Peridot's been killed.

That's one of this game's oddities to me. The status effect that a character is labelled with when they have zero HP isn't "KO" or "Fainted," but simply "Dead."

The only other games that I've played that have been so frank are Ogre Battle and Fire Emblem titles. What's more, in at least one Ogre Battle game dead characters can come back as undead beings.

Frank as it is with it's status effects, will a coffin drug along long enough (even if behind a ship) in Dragon Quest IX eventually spring open, revealing an undead class character?

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