Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Quick Note

Up until this point, I've played a bunch of games simultaneously, and tried to write about all of them. However, to make the video game side of this blog a little more coherent, I've decided to narrow the number of games I'm writing about at any given time (and therefore playing) to two. This change will help me to keep up a steady pace through my backlog list, an end which will be helped by playing one handheld game and one home console game at any given time.

I'm also narrowing the number of games I play at a time to give myself an experience more similar to that of video game reviewers. They don't get to switch games out once they become stuck or weary of or satisfied with what they're reviewing and, since the core purpose of this blog is to keep my analytical powers sharp, sticking with a pair of games to their ends makes sense. Plus, revelations or realizations don't often come without some sort of focus.

Things like "Away Game Specials" are exceptions to this rule. After all, sometimes when I'm away I get the chance to play titles that I don't have, or to play those I do in a different way.

So, as a result of this change, the two games I'm going to be playing at the moment are The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Radiant Historia.

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