Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seeing the Unseen Raises Questions

Learning how to see the invisible was far easier than expected. And, it happened in a far less involved way than I had imagined. Here, I thought that it might be done in a way similar to learning the different field techniques in Golden Sun, but Radiant Historia just gives a cut scene and lets you go on your way.

What's awesome about this new ability, though, is that it gives Stocke the ability to find traps and otherwise invisible chests if he passes near enough to them. So, all of that stuff about the Sand Fortress being empty? Well, it's definitely not the case. There's a treasure chest in every spot you'd expect, and a few more as well. I just wonder if the game will ever explain why there are invisible chests.

I also wonder if, being only about 1/6 through the game (based on how many of the timelines' events and nodes I've gone through) but already getting an upgrade to my cut on the field and what seems to be a flawless "Detect Traps" and "Detect Hidden Objects" skill means that the game is going to seriously unbalance Stocke by the end.

In his quest to change history for the better, will Stocke become some sort of √úbermensch?

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